5 little known facts about flowers

From ancient Egypt to today, the flower has a special power and place in our hearts. Here are some fun facts about flowers, which you have not known, perhaps, are.
5 little known facts about flowers

1. Flowers have always been important
Flowers were in memory as a unique, appealing, readily available decorations and jewelry in all cultures for people.
Her beauty was celebrated by artists and writers. You've the carpets is captured in poems, embroidered wall, painted on porcelain, and engraved on the glass.
Potpourri, aromatic oils, and pressed and dried flowers, originally popular in Victorian times.
With the advent of the hippie and flower power movements of the 1960s, they came again into favor, and remained.

2. The world's oldest flowers are Roman
Written documents describe the use of flowers in ancient times. The oldest surviving copies were found, displayed in the British Museum. You have discovered part of the dried garland in a Roman tomb in Egypt, and are thought to be about 2,000 years old. Although faded, the flowers are still intact.

3. Floral fragrances have been used for a variety of reasons
Flowers and other aromatic substances have always held an important place in folklore and tradition.
Before the discovery of bacteria and viruses, flowers and perfumes were used in an attempt to clean the air and ward off the disease.
Well-to-do members of society orange pomanders to hold on to your noses, if you are on a bad smell.
In religious ceremonies, incense of herbs and resins times since the Egyptian, as it was believed that human souls in heaven.
In classical times, the burning of incense, based on the fragrance of the flowers as one of the best offerings to the gods.

4. Roses have always been special
A single rose silence represented.
Roses were often the ceilings, the sculptures on the dining room. The gravings were meant to show that everything that has been said, — to flow, in particular, when the wine was free — was sub rosa ("under the rose"), and will not be repeated.
Roses also became emblems of love: a white Bridal rose meant happiness in love, a yellow rose is waning affection, and a deep red rose Stand for shyness given.

5. Almost every flower has a special symbolism
Almost every flower and herb gained importance, so that a lover could convey feelings by sending a bouquet of flowers to the appropriate flowers.
Traditionally, daisies represent innocence, and rosemary remembered.
An inverted flower shows, the opposite of the normal meaning.
The colorful blooms and scents of spring and summer need not fade in the course of the season. Instead, they can be collected and preserved, throughout the year, joy. Now you know a little more about why flowers are still important today.

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